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Thursday Stories 19.4.18 the supreme beast

The supreme beast

He was standing there. Watching the field; last night when he left it was filled up with green seedlings. Now, if someone looks at it he will think that witches have danced their all through the night.

“Damn those bison!” he cursed. “They will have to go!”

The village helped him in his ambition, for two reasons, they had their grudges and the meat was not very bad, the hide was fantastic.

Man was proved to be supreme again. The abundant creature became endangered. Only man had the right to choke the earth with their abundance.

Centuries have passed. Man’s best friends have become a nuisance in modern life. In the dark days, when street lights were not around, dacoits were aplenty man needed someone who could see in the darkness. In lieu of leftovers guard his properties; creature that will stay with him even after being treated with ruthless cruelty.

Now, man has become nocturnal, nights have become as well lit as dawns, his best friend (?) has become a big nuisance.

Sometimes he yaps at him when he is returning home at late night. Sometimes he becomes cranky and rabid when he is unable to cope with ill treatment and concrete jungle furnace.

He will have to go too.

Man is the supreme animal, only he will decide the future of other species. He will decide who will stay and who will go. The earth will have to obey him.

Earth has no other choice- man is the supreme beast!


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