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Thursday Stories 10.5.18 the thing 2

The thing

“It will let you recuperate.” She has smiled warmly. “Poor girl! Sometimes it gets nasty during late pregnancy but I have never seen a case like yours.”

“Monalisa will take care of both of you in the meantime.” The young nurse has smiled at her softly.

She stood over the crib, holding its railing for support. The room was still swimming in front of her wide eyes,

The thing in the crib turned towards her like an adult being, it was not her son! Its face was white as chalk; two red eyes were glowing like embers in that drawn face; it snarled baring razor sharp fangs. She jumped backward in reflex and crumpled on the floor.

She lied there huddled in the cold floor too weak and scared to get up.

Then she felt a touch on her body.

“What happened? Why are you out of bed didi?” Monalisa held her arms to softly pull her back to her feet and then lead her to bed; her tone was full of compassion and worry.

She expertly laid her down on the bed and pulled the blanket to her neck. “I was in the toilet. You both were sleeping peacefully when I went in…” she said a bit apologetically.

Something is wrong with the baby.” She babbled.

Monalisa rushed to the crib, looked down and reached out to the baby.

“Don’t!” she whimpered.

“He is alright didi, sleeping as an angel.” Monalisa turned towards her.

“Are you sure?” she asked incredulously.

“Yes didi!” she smiled as she lifted the baby and carried him to her. “They sometimes look unconscious when they are sleeping, but actually they are just sleeping deeply.” She said in a reassuring tone.

========== to be continued ==============


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