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Agnijaat, Kartik 1426 Critique by Troy David Loy

Agnijaat, Kartik 1426 Critique
Agnijaat Kartik 1426, October 2019

Troy David Loy

iravu vanakkam. naandaan Troy. Welcome to Kartik 1426’s Agnijaat issue! Please join me in a look at some of this issues’ highlights!

Kalipuja A digital painting of Goddess Kali in one of her less combative moments. Even a Destroyer of Evil needs time for reflection!

Indie author Speaks, Few Tips 6 The Authoress notes the challenges of success on the Internet, of pursuing one’s dreams and making it happen.

From the Quill of Femme Sole: smell the coffee Digital quote pic of a young woman enjoying play in a small boat, her hand splashing the water gently

Techbabble: Think twice A warning of the annoying consequences of merely formatting a USB drive without first manually deleting files.

India Now: cracker menace A reflection on the use of firecrackers in celebrating Dipawali, of other ways of enjoying the festival without making a lot of noise and frightening pets. I know the feeling well, in our American celebrations of Independence Day on 4th of July or New Year’s Eve, when my cats are prone to scramble for a hiding place when the popping begins!

My Pen: bad sales pitches A musing on the manipulative self-promotions and marketing of cynical website owners, and the cluelessness of the ads they spam people with.

Nature @Kolkata in Kartik Nature can be tricky, and here the Authoress notes the monthly strangeness and the hope of something cool and pleasant as things progress.

Indian Raga Now – R.D. Burman Coolness! After doing a quick visit to YouTube, I found a collection of Burman’s Bengali songs here, these composed, but not sung by him: v=L7Iygvdn7DE

Spotlight On: Guru Dutt Thanks to the Authoress for noting the accomplishments, the giftedness, and the tragically short life of this director!

Sweet Memories Kartik: Kamalpur Here, the authoress offers a look at favorite homes of her past, in both Kamalpur and Burdwan, with little doubt both grand places.

SBPnB from Patreon October Raj and Arindam are colleagues, and rivals, the one hot-tempered, the other a venomous schemer. What happens when that rivalry leads to broken hearts, and whose?

Annnd, that it for this issue! Join me again for the critique of issue Poush 1426! Tf. Tk. Tts.


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