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Agnishatdal Agrahayan 1426 Critique by Troy David Loy

Agnishatdal Agrahayan 1426 Critique

Agnishatdal Agrahayan 1426, December 2019

Troy David Loy

iravu vanakkam. naandaan Troy. Let’s get straight to this issue’s critique! There are things that need noting, and so shall they be!

Let us Begin… Our Virtual Trip to India This month’s piece shows a young woman in what could be mourning, or sadness for some reason.

Debendranath Tagore An interesting man, he, as an Indian rationalist, and with little doubt neither the first nor the last. It would have been an illuminating experience to have studied under him were our eras not so separate.

Farce in Name of Justice 2 Saptarchi relates a recent lynching, of all things, of a Muslim youth, and his resulting death from – ahem – “cardiac arrest.” Words fail me.

Berlin 2, Part 2.8 Brieuc concludes his mother’s story, with a bit of the research background for the tale’s points of interest concerning two French commanders. I sympathize with him on the red tape issue!

Games Ghosts Play 2 Raghu’s story continues, with the ghost oddly unaware he’s a ghost – that’s not uncommon in ghost lore, but this instance stood out. Excellent!

Truth Sticks I enjoyed Dom’s verse, here. While the subject matter takes some thinking to parce out properly, his execution gets two thumbs up!

Bitter Pill Dose 24: Religion 8 BP concludes their discussion on religious belief and critics of it, believers of other religions and skeptics alike!

The Drover Pat’s story continues, as Harry reaches his 17th birthday, to receive…what? Find out in this neat little story!

YouTubia: Kevin Richardson The creator tells us of the channel of an animal caretaker, and the fierce creatures he tends, apparently without harm. Bonding with animals when they are still young is very effective for that.

Shambu Maharaj: Here, we are informed of a dance instructor and student/teacher of classical music (Indian) with a life cut far too short. I’ll have to look him up, if for little else but to find videos of his performance style!

Allaudin Khan, Sarod Legend Here we learn of a man who mastered an astonishing array of instruments, and even worked in service to an actual king!

Agnimalya November Story Rajat is a serial groom with a suspicious history of deceased wives. What befalls him, and who, or what, is responsible? Find out in full, for this and other stories, on Sharmishtha Basu’s Patreon page! The Authoress’s Bengali and Hindi poems struck a chord with me as I read them. I’m almost certain that they are even more effective in the original tongues!

Banshpati Labanya has a good one here, her poem on a species of bird, the Green Bee Eater, and their clever camouflage and song, definitely interesting fauna!

Story from Ved and Puran: Vajrang, Tarakasur, and Indra Here are are treated to a story that touches on the complicated interactions of gods and giants, a thing that makes reading these stories so fascinating!

Words: Forgetting sometimes Good advice not heeded often enough, especially when precisely scheduling one’s week to the minute of each waking hour!

Ponga Pandit This issue, the Evil Teacher plots to gain, in the words of Emperor Palpatine of Star Wars, “Unlimited power!!” The two could learn from each other’s villainy.

That’s it for this critique, so join me next time, when I take us through a look at Agnishatdal Poush, 1426! Tf. Tk. Tts.


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