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Agnijaat Magh 1426 Critique by Troy David Loy

Agnijaat Magh 1426 Critique

Agnijaat Magh 1426, January 2020
Troy David Loy

Eeek! I’m back! naandaan Troy! Welcome for Magh 1426’s review of Fireborn! Here are a few of the key features this issue!

Indie Author Speaks: Few Tips 10 Some useful advice here on marketing and business suggestions. In particular be very skeptical of those claiming to have life-coach credentials!

From the Quill of Femme Sole: acid Tongues The creator notes that while men often have the edge in sheer upper-body strength, be careful about getting on a woman’s bad side, especially when a woman yourself!

Techbabble: “We Don’t Eavesdrop” Or so protest a wee bit many computer and phone companies! Here, the Authoress notes the pervasiveness, and perverseness, of social media marketing and content tracking algorithms!

India Now: Push Selling Here’s a piece on the sneaky sales tactics and marketing of businesses with sub-par products, who are not only shills, but not adverse to being bribed as well! Caveat Emptor!

My Pen: Preferences Change The Authoress discusses the shift in her views over time, on matters of deep personal import.

10 Silly Questions The creator notes some pretty succinct things to ask when watching a typical sf or horror movie, pointing out the things that are done by characters too stupid for their own (in movie) profession or IQ, things someone with a brain would never do!

INDIAN RAGA NOW: Kishore Kumar Hmmm. Listening to a collection of Kumar’s songs as I type this, and he’s really not that bad. I’m impressed! Here’s the linky I found to the collection on YouTube: https://

Sweet Memories – Something divine! The Authoress takes us back to a time of taking nectar from flowers, similar in some respects to sampling the honeysuckles here in the States. Fun stuff!

SBPnB from Patreon January Suresh tries to woo a girl with false claims of wealth, claims which catch up with him, destroying any hope of marriage to her. Honesty isn’t just a policy, nor merely a tactic, but a way to avoid embarrassing oneself.

The theme for this month is…Space! Here are seven poems in seven styles on a variety of astronomical and astrophysical topics, from stars being born to worlds dying as their sun sheds its outer layers and consumes its children. Good stuff!


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