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Agnishatdal Magh 1426 Critique by Troy David Loy

Agnishatdal Magh 1426 Critique:
Agnishatdal Magh 1426, January 2020

Troy David Loy

iravu vanakkam. naandaan Troy. It’s time for Magh’s critique of Agnishatdal, and I’ve such sights to show you – without creepy puzzle-boxes!

Let Us Begin…. Our virtual trip to India Lovely pic this issue, with women carrying jugs atop their heads, from what seems to be near a local well or other watering source. A good selection of colors!

Hemchandra It’s always cool to read of interesting scholars, and this man counts as such. I wonder how his work compares to, say, that of Nagarjuna, and his tetralemma-based logics?

That Strange Circus Show Saptarchi asks a question of the usefulness, or its lacking, of strutting politicians!

Masai: 2 of 4 I’m impressed that the Masai have held onto their culture as they have. Brieuc adds further details to this story of a people little understood by most Westerners!

Vikram aur Betal Part 1: Raghu A wise king is told stories by a quick-witted ghost, and in this tale, an evil ascetic seeks to gain supernatural powers, kill that same king and rule the world! Does the king prevail? I enjoyed this muchly.

Bitter Pill Dose 27: Politics BP discusses the rule by red cadres in Bengal, and a terrifying look at the state’s past, and foreboding vision of the near future of WB!

The authoress reviews the book Logan’s Time and interviews its author Dayna Leigh Chesser this issue! Cool!

Royal Marriage from Agnimalya Patreon A complex romantic situation develops between the kingdom of simians and the kingdom of jackals when the Prince of jackals runs from an arranged marriage and falls for another girl. Who is it that REALLY lives happily ever after in this tale? Got a real tickle out of this one from the ending!

Khola akash I really enjoyed Labanya’s poem from this issue, as well as SB’s Bengali and Hindi poems, particularly the first, “Brishti”

The Authoress’s painting this issue, “Saraswatipuja” shows the Goddess sitting on a lotus attended by a swan. Liked this one a lot!

Republic Day This painting has an ominous message, told with only a few words and a pair of eyes!

Glimpses of Past: Ahmad Shah Abdali He was persistent, I’ll give him that, but there’s something seriously messed up when a man’s hobby is compulsive serial invasions!

Story from Ved and Puran: Wayward Son A pious man falls into arrogance, and is sent to learn from many teachers, each important in his journey, though he grasps it not at first. Does he finally get the meaning behind it all? Amazingly fun to read!

Ponga Pandit 13 The evil teacher plots to train his students in teamwork, but teamwork to do the WRONG thing – coordination in service to evil deeds!

So, here we are! I’ll be back very soon for Falgun’s Twins, and until then, I say, nanri, and bid you… …vanakkam.


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