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Agnijaat Agrahayan 1426 critique by Labanya

Agnijaat Agrahayan 1426
( )
Critique by Labanya

Indie Author Speaks 7: Agreed with the points of this article too, a good mailing list not only sends your messages to a larger group but you can advertise through your newsletter too! For struggling writers that is a good thing, look at the money good YouTube video makers are making!

Partial: Don’t I agree with these words! Society is funny, weird and sometimes irritating!

Techbabble: Everyone has used one or two electronic gadget that makes one wonder if the designers ever touched these things, forget about using!

Messing with corrupt: Check out the news and you will agree that messing with corrupts is almost like messing with kings of erstwhile era in India.

SOS: Beautiful beings should remember these words, too many got destroyed by envy!

WOW: If only I could let go attachment!

Goa Inquisition: It is sad how men become monsters and then blame imaginary monsters for their evil doings! Power and greed are the only two motivations human beings need to become monsters, again and again since they started piling up things for own profit!

Self righteous: Sad incident, but I would have done the same too! It is irresistible to not try to save a prey from a hunter.

Fun and Frolic section:

OMR by Pat Ritter: Pat is a fantastic author. I am pretty sure this book will be amazing too!

My God how great thou are by Robert Sherriff: Beautiful cover. Have not read anything by Robert yet, will have to check out!

Memoirs of a Pakhtun Resident by Teresa Schanapasky: Great critique and the story sound really interesting. Maybe I will ask Teresa if she will mind sharing the book with me! Agni repeated the interview of last month. That is good for those who have not read the previous month issue I believe. I rather prefer knowing a bit about the author too!

We need movie lovers as critiques: We do, movie lovers with brain I mean!

Critiques of Patreon works August 2019 by Troy: Great critique. Troy is one priceless reader and friend. He certainly possesses a heart of gold!

Indian Raga Now:

Mukesh- One of my “the” favorites, he too died too early!

Rehmaan- Just love him!

Asterix: Loved the cartoon strips and love the movies!

Artworks: Those books must be true treasures!

Youtube channel: Already checked them all out.


The manager: This is one creepy story!

Gita Jayanti: This is a good idea to celebrate our really rich past! A past that is amazing and enviable!

Theme: Mist- Loved the poems and the images that came with them! Mist is so beautiful! It turns the world into dreamland!

The cartoon: My sentiments exactly! I really don’t think anyone will pay huge money for advertisements to a newspaper that will expose him! Sorry!

In the end quite enjoyed the Ezine, and its colourful sketches/paintings!

That is it I guess! See you again in Poush, and thank you Agni/Sharmishtha for translating my works!

Yours sincerely,


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