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Agnishatdal Poush 1426 critique by Labanya

Agnishatdal Poush 1426
( )
Critique by Labanya

Agnishatdal Poush 1426, December 2019
Agnishatdal Poush 1426, December 2019

Hi friends, let us begin!

The ezine begins with a tribute to Bharatendu Harishchandra, I knew nothing about him, will be checking out his poetries in net. If I can get English translations, though not very fond of reading poetry translations, they often miss the essence.

Rupjibi and kalamjibi by saptarchi: Well, as we all know that media is a business we have stopped believing in the things they try to force us to believe, actually I don’t believe almost anything they try to convince! I always look for the hidden strings. It is sad that at a time journalists and movie-makers changed the society for better! They fought for causes and tried to open our eyes FOR OUR BETTERMENT.

Masai by Brieuc Martin Onraet: I remember the scene from Out of Africa, the Masai warriors dressed up in feathers. This was an interesting insight. I did not knew that they have firmly kept their ethnicity alive. Quite a pleasure!

Games Ghost Play 3 by Raghunandan Kuppuswamy: Hilarious ending! Did not see it coming!

Quid Novi by Troy David Loy: another short insight into the characters Troy is building, Mira, Tempest and Agni. Will love to read more about them!

A dwelling for within by Dom Collucci: a beautiful poem from a wise soul. Once we know ourselves so many things become crystal clear.

Bitter Pill dose 26 by Bitter Pill: Religion: These politicians! Their brazen greed and corruption can cause severe depression to anyone looking for a cleaner, better India!

Clippings by Freya Pickard: This sounds like a great newsletter, I will subscribe or ask Agni to give me her copies!

The Drovers by Pat Ritters: Great story this far, right when I was thinking that Harry will have to walk away from his parents his pa asked him to stay nearby. I rather am enjoying this fascinating story!

Dirkball 8 by Robert Sherriff: Cute painting, will be checking out rest of his books.

In the end I will talk about Agni’s works in short-I have been requested by her to do that, to highlight the work of other authors in Agnishatdal, I will talk about her works in Agnijaat.


Happy birthday again Brian! Wish you the very best in life!

In the treats section Agnijaat and Agnishatdal Book 11 has been announced. We will get the links in Falgun issue though.

Book trailer- sounds great!

Aqson by Koel Sreejib sounds like a good book. I will say I rather loved the way Koel portrayed mythical characters in her book. Will try to check out the book. There was an interview attached of course, glad to know a bit about the author.

Changes by Carolyn Page- Sounds like a journey into enlightenment, a wise soul guiding others! It had an interview too, a beautiful one I will say.

Pikatron by Troy David Loy sounds like a great piece of read!

Hammer house of Mystery- will check out a few movies.

Authors book in amazon, sounds good! Will be checking on them, maybe grab a copy and critique them too!

Achchhan Maharaj- it was great to know about him, I have not even heard his name I believe!

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond- He was hot as hell!

Ali Akbar Khan- Will have to check YouTube for his music, good to know about the musician a bit. I have only heard his name.

Pebble- She is full of curses but awfully cute!

Idli- I love the sambhar that comes with it!

Minutes Together: Money Money Money is a scary story and as far as newspapers say it is a horrific reality to many youngsters desperate for job in our super-corrupted country.

Loved the Bengali poem and the hindi poem both. Thank you for adding my work in your ezine Agni.

Ancient religions by Joshua Mark was an interesting read!

Garuda- Fascinating story about Lord Vishnu’s vahana from puranas!

Words- nothing annoys more than absconding sleep.

Ponga Pandit- loving the cartoon strip!

The sketches all through the ezine were pretty!

That is it I guess! See you again next month, and thank you Agni/Sharmishtha for translating my works!

Yours sincerely,


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