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Agnishatdal Poush 1426 critique by by editor Sharmishtha Basu

Agnishatdal Poush 1426
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Agnishatdal Poush 1426, December 2019
Agnishatdal Poush 1426, December 2019

By your good old editor, few words about the works of my much cherished authors. So the critiques will be short and sweet!

Balukabela by Labanya: Beautiful, haunting poem, how we try to leave our marks in the world indeed!

Rupjibi and Kalamjibi by saptarchi: The way the media tries to manipulate us these days for own financial gain of course is tragic. There was a time when we used to believe things told in newspapers, used to think that writers write about what they truly believe are good for the society! Now, so many of them write for money that they have hog-washed the others!

Masai 1 by Brieuc Martin Onraet: We know so little about African tribes, An interesting insight in one of its most famous people- the Masai.

Games Ghost Play 3 by Raghunandan Kuppuswamy: Now, did not see that one coming! Ha! Just loved the twist of the tale!

Quid Novi by Troy David Loy: This month Quid novi tells us a bit about other characters Troy has created, amazing tempest and little known Agni!

A dwelling for within by Dom Collucci: Wise and beautiful as always! When we know our own heart things often become clear for sure!

Bitter Pill dose 26 by Bitter Pill: Religion: Well I share BP’s utter mistrust and dislike for Indian politicians. The way they harm the country is beyond petty reprimands!

Clippings by Freya Pickard: Freya is one amazing author! It is quite an treat to read her works for free!

The Drovers by Pat Ritters: Glad that Harry’s father asked him to stay close by.

Dirkball 9 by Robert Sherriff: another cute painting!

I believe that will be it for my critique as an editor, you will have to read the rest in Ezine. Of course there is truckloads of more works there!


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