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Agnishatdal Magh 1426 critique by Labanya

Agnishatdal Magh 1426
( )
Critique by Labanya

Agnishatdal Magh 1426, January 2020
Agnishatdal Magh 1426, January 2020

Hi friends, let us begin!

The ezine begins with a tribute to Hemchandra, again I knew nothing about him. He started the shwetambara sect of Jainism and ensured its strong foundation in Gujarat. He was a great scholar and writer too. Once this country was full of scholars and teachers in real sense!

That strange circus show by saptarchi: I will say this one was very provocative! One do wonders these days that what exactly do the ministers do for betterment of the country when they are not out wooing the votebanks.

Masai by Brieuc Martin Onraet: Can’t say I will eat traditional Masai food or live in their traditionally built homes but every civilization is fascinating to me, as long as they don’t harm others. That is when I feel annoyed or agast!

Vikrama aur betala by Raghunandan Kuppuswamy: I read these stories as a kid and quite enjoyed them though the riddles were pretty tough for me, have not read them since then will have to try and see if I get a hindi/English copy of the original. I just love Raghu’s stories, they are such complete reads!

Surprise Quid Novi by Troy David Loy: Surprise was a surprise for sure! Imagine looking at the sky and discovering it was actually someone’s face or part of that!

We reincarnate by Dom Collucci: human existence truly is a puzzle to thinkers!

Bitter Pill dose 27 by Bitter Pill: politics 2: Agreed, this tango of communists and BJP in Bengal is worrying everyone with a brain! Indian politicians are destroying this country and the population is either hitting jackpot with them or starving, dying!

Clippings by Freya Pickard: This sounds like a great newsletter, I will subscribe or ask Agni to give me her copies!

The Drovers by Pat Ritters: good that she did not disappeared right in front of him! That would have scared the kid to death I suspect!

Dirkball 10 by Robert Sherriff: Cute painting, will be checking out rest of his books.

In the end I will talk about Agni’s works in short-I have been requested by her to do that, to highlight the work of other authors in Agnishatdal, I will talk about her works in Agnijaat.


Three beautiful cards, lovely ones at that!

In the treats section Agnijaat and Agnishatdal Book 11 has been announced. We will get the links in Falgun issue though.

Logan’s time by Dayna Leigh Chesser sounds like a fascinating read. A trip into medieval Scotland! I love that country a lot because of its scenic beauty and of course its majestic castles. There was an interview attached of course, glad to know a bit about the author.

Tree becomes a soul by Dom Collucci- Quite an admirer of Dom’s writing, I am damn sure that this book will be a gem worth keeping!

Pikatron by Troy David Loy sounds like a great reading material with fractals as added beauty!

The wraith- It was indeed a cute, heart-warming movie with some jump scares of course.

SBs’ book in amazon, sounds good! Will be checking on them, maybe grab a copy and critique them too!

Lachchu Maharaj- it was great to know about him, I have not even heard his name I believe. I will see if I can get more on internet.

Wes Craven horror movies truly were a bit different than bandwagon! I liked many of them quite a lot.

Annapurna Devi- I have heard that her talent was wasted by some personal reason, had she been performing in public she would have outshone her brother or ex husband Pt. Ravishankar. I personally feel talented artists should share their talent with public.

Lucy Show- Watched an episode and quite enjoyed it. She was funny!

Dosa is absolutely delicious! Sambhar is bonus with it.

Minutes Together: Royal marriage was a sad story with poetic justice or sort of justice at the end.

Loved the Bengali poem and the hindi poem both. Thank you for adding my work in your ezine Agni.

Indian history is an interesting read! One will say Abdali used India as his savings account, whenever he ran out of money he extracted some from India. Boy! What a…..

Wayward brahmin- Fascinating story, these stories say so much about the wisdom of those who shared these stories!

Words- baby animals are more beautiful than human babies!

Ponga Pandit- another good set. So sounds like communist propaganda!

The sketches all through the ezine were pretty!

That is it I guess! See you again next month, and thank you Agni/Sharmishtha for translating my works!

Yours sincerely,


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