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Heroes during lock-down times!

These are the times when we see two faces of human beings, the dark and the angelic one.

Salutes to cops and healthcare workers who are endangering their lives to serve others, save others.

A doctor in Kolkata drove 400 miles in his own car to help a destitute family of a patient in his hosptial who were suffering during to lockdown. You truly are a caregiver! I think his name was Dr, Baske, it was printed in Anandabazar Patrika, will check out the old issues and see if I can find his name.

Smart village- when the men of their village returned from other states, cities because of the national lock-down the villagers were waiting outside their village, no hostility, no harassment-they were bundled into a school and asked to stay there for 14 days! A news printed in Anandabazar about a village in Murshidabad.

Then there are those voluntary organizations who are feeding the homeless and destitute! God bless you all and keep you safe!


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