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Thursday Stories 7.5.20 from Agnimalya Shoptly

I will go serially, book-wise, today’s piece is from Agnimalya 5: the touch

Agnimalya Book 5 The Touch

The touch (part)

Misha sat down beside the river. The sun was setting on the other bank, behind a small line of trees. Its pink rays touched the river and turned it crimson.

She wondered if it was with happiness or shyness.

The river water rippled and touched her feet. A cool sensation filled up her body. She stretched her feet and dipped them in the water. The water softly rippled around her feet as if it was touching her, playing with her.

There was something about water that pulled her like magnet. She often had a dream or dreams like that. That she was falling into water. But after falling she did not drowned. In place of that she could swim in it like fishes do.

She got up. She had to return home before sunset… before dark. Or else Shekhar, her father will send a search party for her.

“Hey little girl…” her father was waiting on the verandah.

“Hey dad!” she smiled.

A tray with two glasses of lemonades was waiting, ice cold. As if he knew when she will show up or the more logical reason, he has been sitting here, and when he noticed her climbing up and down the small hillock to reach home he must have asked for the lemonades.

“I will be going out on trip tomorrow…. Rani will stay with you till I return…” he said. “Will miss you darling…but will have to go…”

“Its ok daddy…” she snuggled close to him and laid her head on his shoulder.

He left next morning, early. His sister Rani came over to stay with Misha.

Rani was very fond of Misha, and her late mother Sudebi, who passed away all of a sudden only a month ago.

Misha was very close to her mother, her father was a frequent traveler, rarely at home. At her mother’s request he bought this house on the bank of a mountain river, with huge amount of land on one bank, including a small wood.

The river looked quite nice during summer and winter but in monsoon they could hear it from their bed, roaring, hitting the rocks as it made its way through them.

It looked beautiful- like thunder, like lightning- like erupting volcano. It went a kilometer or so like that, then after a little fall of 500 meters or so it formed a deep pool, very beautiful as you can guess! Surrounded by green trees and huge rocks it was one of the spots where Sudebi and Shekhar took Misha for Saturday afternoon or full day picnics. She was not allowed there without adult company.

Locals said the water was so deep that no one has touched its bottom. When someone drowns there it’s really hard to revive the body unless it surfaces by itself.

“After a while you will feel like there is a black wall under you!” one of the regular divers has told Misha. She loved hearing stories about the villages and its people and often talked with them.

“Maybe the hills and trees stop the sunlight. But it truly feels like wall.” He has said.

She believed him. She knew that the rescue operations here were done by locals, they did not had any breathing equipments, so, after a while they will return to shore, and lack of oxygen may create hallucination. Or what they say is true, light does not reaches after a certain depth. When light is out darkness truly looks like wall, under the water or on ground! She has seen it during power outages, right out of her window! As if a dark wall has sprung up, only the fireflies and stars tell her that no… light is there!

So yeah she believed them!

The deer, rabbits and birds from the woods roamed freely in their land, garden. It was a lovely place to live in. A place of pure beauty and peace!

Shekhar, Misha’s father was devastated when Sudebi passed away. It was just one day fever, Shekhar was away, Rani rushed here from Delhi, tried her best, the best doctor was called but she died before passing the night.

No one could console Shekhar for days! At first he thought about selling the property, returning to Delhi but Misha begged him to not to. She too loved this place. She passed every minute of her free time out in the nature. The only time she was home was from sunset to sunrise. Shekhar too was almost always out of home, mostly on trips. So with time they will forget the tragic loss. But if they sell this house and move to Delhi there will be no return!

Shekhar has built a tree house for her in a sturdy tree near the woods. The house was visible from home and guard station. So it was absolutely safe and a piece of heaven for Misha, she often took her books there and studied or read.

This Tree House was Misha’s personal heaven. No one else went there, they were too busy to join her there, and she just loved that. It had two rooms, a toilet and a small balcony. A professional tree house builder was hired to build the house.

Shekhar and Sudebi had placed a board on it too! “Misha’s den- No entry without permission!”

——–Rest in book——-
I know many of you are already thinking that most of my posts in my blogs are my old works, years old quite often. Where are my new works? Have I stopped writing new ones?

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