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Agnijaat Boisakh 1427, April 2020 critique by Labanya

Agnijaat Boisakh 1427, April 2020
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Critique by Labanya

Agnijaat Boisakh 1427, April 2020

This is the first issue of Bengali New Year 1427. Well, it began in lockdown and hope and I pray it will end better, far better than the way it began! Wish you all a very happy Bangla Nabobarsho-Bengali New Year.

Indie Author Speaks 12: Good tips for Indie authors. Being Indie author is not all about independent right on what one can publish, it is also a solid responsibility too! Quite solid I will say!

FTQFS: Oh yes, the way human beings express their lust and label it as “love” is insult to the feeling! If it could I am sure it would have committed suicide!

Techbabble: I so agree, I am still one of those who prefer a book, newspaper over online reading or offline reading. I do wish they will find a substitute of paper so we could read without feeling guilty! They are manufacturing weapons like popcorn but can’t create a paper-substitute and boast of their supremacy! Human beings!

The kingdom of the fallen: Do I agree with Agni? Yes! I have spent most of my life in communist regime and I know damn well that low-castes rule Bengal, not so called high-castes when it comes to real life, in religious life the upper-castes have upper hand of course, but most of them being liberal don’t practice it, the hapless low-castes on the other hand practice their muscles really good in real world!

SOS: So true! Human beings are really insufferable mostly. Some you can tolerate, very few like or love, the rest… well the rest are just different degrees of….****

WOW: So beautiful! If only we could see God in human beings [majority of them]! In the rest it is easy to see God and God’s beauty!

History of India: That is a new one. I did not know that Indian history is divided like that- Hindu, Islamic and Christian era. Ha! Wow! Well, I know very well that how good Hindus were at record-keeping so….

Human beings: Well, I think very few people bear their ethnicity on their countenance or behavior. Most of us are quite similar. It is when we speak we give out our nationality or other things. Some people are not transparent even then. So, it certainly does not surprises me that people can’t assess Agni by looking at her or talking with her a little.

Fun and Frolic section:

Dream Angel by Pat Ritter: Sounds like a very interesting read for author’s admirers or fans. I always love this type of stories where authors open up their hearts and share their views.

Lucifer’s liegemen: Sounds like an interesting book.

Pikatron october 2018 critique by Editor: Will have to get the newsletter from Agni.

An open letter to Disney: I agree, after watching quite a few really good movies made by Indies, and many good illustrators and animators in YouTube I will really agree with Agni that if big media houses spend a percentage of their profit to encourage these talents instead of churning out same stories again and again or repeating their own old works viewers will be mighty glad!

Indian Raga Now:

Preeti Sagar- She sang quite well. Have heard very few songs by her though but her voice is very sweet.

Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh Khan- It really feels good when people like these who are quite safe in their own lives and can easily forget others come out and help others again and again. Like Bill Gates! Hope they will be blessed by God!

The night before Christmas: Love the Christmas gifts Jack Frost doled out to kids. 

Chaitra Shot: lovely photo! Wish I was there to see that halo! The rainbow is quite visible! Cool!

Youtube channel: Already checked them all out.


Swarm: Will love it if it happens!

Ponchishe Boisakh: Tagore was the only one of his own kind. So are his works!

Theme: fairy- a lovely compilation of paintings. No verses or prose this month though! Love pretty pictures so it works fine for me!

The cartoon Mr Stick: Quite real! Sitting at home watching people on the street from the very first day of lock-down, and reading about them in newspaper… all I can say is absolutely true words spoken Mr. Stick.

In the end quite enjoyed the Ezine, and its colourful sketches/paintings specially they are refreshing and pretty!

That is it I guess! See you again next month, and thank you Agni/Sharmishtha for translating my works!

Yours sincerely,



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