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Thursday Stories 14.5.20 from Agnimalya shoptly

I will go serially, book-wise, today’s piece is from Agnimalya 6: the ones left behind

Agnimalya Book 6 The ones left behind

The ones left behind (part)

She woke up in a dark place. Faint light of candles was giving the place a really scary look. She knew she was dreaming like some dreamers do. It was a deserted temple.

There was an altar far away. Some thing was on it. She peered it was an infant. Just born baby! She could see she was uncomfortable on the cold slab. Yeah it was a girl wearing a pink frock. She was about to pick it up when a hand fell on her shoulder.

A hideous, twisted set of fingers gripped her shoulder. The talons went lower than her breasts and pricked her chest under the flimsy nightgown she was wearing.

“That hand can wrench my head away….” was the thought that flashed across her mind she could feel its might by the pressure on her shoulder. She dared not to look back.

“It’s mine!” it hissed in a voice that talked in human tongue but sounded more like a snake’s hissing. “You have given it to me before it was born!”

Then it passed by her and she saw it. She slumped on the floor. An eight or ten feet tall creature, humanoid, with twisted but powerful hand, leg, torso! It looked ebony black. A tangled mat of locks was tumbling down its head, its face was like a giant snake, or looked like that from behind, in that too dimly lit place.

Lata had no intentions of ensuring what it looked like, if only she could close her eyes or wake up!

Like all dreamers she was denied both. She stared as that demon picked up the infant, now screaming with discomfort. She could feel its pain, it was her own child!

“Give her back to me!” she screamed.

The thing turned and faced her. Two deep ochre eyes locked into her, she felt her soul singed by their taunt and spite. The next second it vanished with the baby. Death silence greeted her plea.

——–Rest in book——-

I know many of you are already thinking that most of my posts in my blogs are my old works, years old quite often. Where are my new works? Have I stopped writing new ones?

Well I am still writing and painting as enthusiastically as before. But these days they are channeled into four other platforms- my annual republished kindle books ( -they devour quite a huge no. of stories and poems every year. Quite a lot!

my bookstore in shoptly ( Another section goes to my shoptly bookstore, here I not only publish my monthly Ezines Agnijaat and Agnishatdal I also publish a set of books of poetry and story. They are quite merrily illustrated and are available as pdf files. Yes you can read them perfectly in your cellular phone and of course in computer.

My twin Ezines Agnijaat and Agnishatdal (both English, monthlies) don’t feature much stories or poems but publish all my new essays and articles and again, truckload of illustrations.

and my patreon profile ( This one again contains bunch of stories, poems and they almost always are illustrated. If not then the stories are very long and of the type that can’t be illustrated.

I have been so stuck up with my creations that I have ignored my blogs and other social media profiles since 2015 I believe. So, if you enjoyed my works quite amply then I think it is high time that I bring you up to date, to share what I am creating these days and how can you get them!

It will be a lengthy affair, so have patience. I will be updating you about my four years of hyperactive creativity!

I have started with Patreon’s works since April 2019. It is sort of my launch-pad to make my creativity actually become my career. So since creating my profile there I have been updating 5 works each month, two are the Ezines, the remaining three are writing and paintings. Works my blogger friends thoroughly enjoyed. Stories and poems with ample amount of illustrations!

Anyone who becomes my patron there can chose from few tiers-

You can check them from my profile-

The next set of works will be from my store in I have created this store because it gives me lot more freedom than other platforms do. I can pick up the formatting and decide how many pictures I will add and in what size. Nothing meddles with them. So I sort of love this platform. You will see dozens of books here, you can directly buy them from shoptly or buy them from me via paypal- [don’t forget to drop me a line @ after paying in paypal so I can send you the pdf file {all these books cost $1.00


A bookworm transformed into an addicted writer. I love to write and illustrate them myself. By love I mean love, no half-hearted relationship, a full-fledged, passionate love, I can’t pass two days in a stretch without writing/painting (cyber), just feel empty like lovers do when their lovers are away on a tour! Even though I am thoroughly enjoying self-publishing with amazon, but if you like my work and want to publish my works in your magazine, books or better if you want to publish a book of my works please make me very happy by contacting me. Or if you want to sell my works on commission basis only!! contact me, I will be quite relieved. Honestly writing and selling your own work is a very BORING combination. So you are more than welcome! Mail me, or go to- I have one too many blogs, so... just pick up the one you love best from here: (You will get the link to my remaining blogs there) or you can check out my ezines- monthly- And linkedin- [Invite me from your linkedin a/c] my email id and I am in goodreads and completelynovel too I guess I said enough about myself, right? You will forget if I stuff too much here, so if you are curious to know this humble creature just join me in my blogs :)

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