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Agnidal 4, 17.7.20 Critique by Labanya

Agnidal 4, 17.7.20
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Critique by Labanya

Agnidal 4, 17.7.20

Agnidal 4, the fourth annual edition of Agnishatdal contains the works and interviews of its authors. The Kindle issue is without illustration, the Gumroad and Shoptly issue is with illustration.

Thanks a lot Sharmishtha for adding my poem “Khola Akash” in the books.

Lyapunov’s children by Troy David Loy- It was a very realistic science fiction- showing human nature quite well I will say.

The interview with the author was great to read. It is always delightful to know more and more about authors who are writing the stories for us.

Vikram and Vetal by Raghunandan Kuppuswamy- Loved reading the story at one go! Mr. Kuppuswamy is a fantastic storyteller and his choice of stories is equally great. I always keep forward to reading more of his works.

The interview was great! A look into Mr. Kuppuswamy’s world was fun.

Middle of nowhere, now here by Dom Collucci- Beautiful and wise, Mr. Collucci’s works always stir the mind, with their wisdom and beauty.

Mr. Collucci’s interview was really great, a deep insight into a very amazing author’s life.

Friendx by Brieuc Martin Onraet- Even though this story is about apocalypse and is written as a tribute to Mr. Onraet’s son in law it has a silver lining, a hope that human beings may one day live in peace with other children of nature.

It was followed by an interview, a glimpse in Mr. Onraet’s world was fun.

The drover by Pat Ritter- I really enjoyed the first chapter at one go, it is a fantastic story for sure Mr. Ritter, it is quite interesting to know about rural Australia, all we know about Australia are koalas, kangaroos and its amazing birds!

It is followed by an interview of Mr. Ritter, where he opens his heart wide. It was a great read too.

Political Propaganda by Saptarchi- Politicians are all about propaganda and we are the merry bunch of fools that dance to their tunes, again and again!

Religion by Bitter Pill- I have read the entire series, this is the first one of the series religion by BP, it is quite thought-provoking for sure.

Prophets of God by Brendan- a story that tells how Jesus was treated when he was alive! Today he may be worshipped as son of God but men mercilessly tormented him and killed him when he was here. A tragedy that keeps on repeating!

Horror and Hope by Citizen Null- It is a sad first-hand narrative of the author about the horrors that are being unleashed by Trump’s administration.

Painting by Sharmishtha Basu- a really sad story written by editor, heartbreaking and beautiful!

It is followed by an interview taken by Hemdiva Dev [], it is always nice to know a little bit about authors I say!



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