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Lucifer’s liegemen- Kingmaker

Lucifer’s liegemen- Kingmaker

Lucifer’s Liege-men aka Kingmaker will be published on 26th April, will share the url after that.

This book will cost quite a bit more than my usual books, hope that wont bother you!

It will cost you $5.00 but I will reduce the price on its first anniversary I promise!

Kingmaker is a story I have written for years and then kept it in hold to work more on it, now I am rewriting it but I believe the original is absolutely worth publishing. It is a reality based crime story, pretty grim and realistic. It is fantasy version of Charon, it is purely fictional but most of it is based on actual criminal activities and my own guesses about the probable reasons behind things that happened to me. I can’t say it is enjoyable but I do hope it will make you ponder over many things, the same things that triggered this novel.

K and his faithful servants are spread all over the world, a spiteful, deranged man who has risen to scary height of power and is now out to ruin goodness from earth, his target are all good people in this world, his motto is either lower yourself down to his level or die, get destroyed beyond repair.

You do think it is a work of fiction, don’t you? But are you sure? Look at the way human society is spiraling downwards in an alarming rate, are you sure there is no group of puppeteer working globally behind your back?

Well, believe what you believe! I won’t be surprised at all! Maybe, it is time that the way crooks have united good people should too!



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