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Black day for India!

30th September 2020 was a black day for India in my eyes. For two ghoulish reasons-

one, a nineteen year old girl working with her mother in field [most probably in broad daylight] was abducted by four MFBs and was violated and tortured with the ghoulishness that only human beings can inflict on others, we will wait and see if these four so called high-caste MFBs will get their dues as quickly as those four bus helpers and their friends got in notorious Delhi case. Because these MFBs too tortured that child with the same ghoulishness with which the Delhi girl was, the step that everybody’s favorite U.P. police did was beyond words! They burned the girl’s body without allowing her family to be there.

Second is after all the bloodbath and destruction caused by post-babri mosque demolition the same UP government has given clean chit to those who have been caught in the act by TV camera.

One truly wonders if our current government is being paid by someone to absolutely destroy the law and order of this country and prove to the entire world that this country is being run by thugs and ruffians and those who obey the masters will get away with every thing! Including rape, rioting, murder and embezzling lot of public money!

When they came for the darkies, I didn’t say anything
for I was not a darkie.
When they came for the low castes, I didn’t say anything
for I was not a low caste
When they came for the maimed, I didn’t say anything
for I was not maimed
When they came for the women, I didn’t say anything
for I was not a woman
When they came for the minors, I didn’t say anything
for I was not a minor
When they came for the weak, I didn’t say anything
for I was not weak
When they came for me, no one said anything
for there was no one left to speak!





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