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Agnishatdal Agrahayan 1427, November 2020 critique by SB

Agnishatdal Agrahayan 1427 November 2020
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Critique by SB

Agnishatdal Agrahayan 1427, November 2020

By your good old editor! Few words about the works of my much cherished authors. So the critiques will be honest, short and sweet!

Holud sorsher phool by Labanya: yellow mustard flowers spread from one horizon to the other- what a beauty!

Parasites Inc. by saptarchi: Absolutely agree with Saptarchi, the politicians should be made accountable for all the promises they make before elections, and they should be legally bound to submit their performance report before they could stand in another election.

Fogline by Brieuc Martin Onraet 8: I really am enjoying the witty remarks about human kinds made by angels who have made them in laboratory.

A secret revealed by Raghunandan Kuppuswamy: Beautiful till now, sounds like another priceless story from Raghu is in making. The stories of three devoted sons and their ailing father.

Fractal dawn by Troy David Loy: Yet another piece on Troy’s favorite, Meera, loved the way she saved a planet from destruction. Great description of the planet too!

Heart has love… by Dom Collucci: When soulbro writes poems revolving around nature he creates pure magic. This poem fits into that description too!

Bitter Pill dose 37 by Bitter Pill: Secular India 4: It is true the way Indian government pampers rowdies and extremists if only it pampered law-abiding honest people!

Pilgrim by Brendan: Fantastic piece, full of true wisdom.

The Tilbaroo station by Pat Ritters 5: The young couple are assessing their new property and have picked up a spot for their future home.

I believe that will be it for my critique as an editor, you will have to read the rest in Ezine. Of course there is truckloads of more works there!


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