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Sneak Peek my latest book in Kindle

Sneak Peek

Story one: The lunatic-

Scratching sound on her window woke her up. Mina opened her eyes, it was dark outside but she could see vaguely because of the streetlight. Someone was standing at the window, slowly running her finger on the glass, looking at her.

An old woman with disheveled hair and hungry eyes, she was staring at her like she wanted to devour Mina with her eyes!

She woke up in her bed with a bad taste in her mouth. Her husband was sleeping by her, like a baby. One arm wrapped around her waist. She gently freed herself and went downstairs for a cup of tea.

A strange feeling of gloom took over her whenever she dreamt about this old woman. Sometimes she will dream that she was stalking her in a deserted road, sometimes she would be in a strange place with strange people, people who seemed known to her then this woman will show up and they will disappear.

The story of a young woman and her nightmares, how they became real in most horrific way!

Story two: The old graveyard

She fell asleep thinking about the song and had a strange, scary dream. She was walking alone in a deserted road, it was dark and the streetlights were really faint, most probably hundred watt bulbs. Huge, bushy trees were on both sides of the road, softly shaking in the wind. They looked like ghosts or monsters standing there, watching her, about to pounce!

Suddenly she heard that song, this time louder and clearer, she followed it and soon was standing at the gate of a graveyard. The sound was coming from inside the cemetery. She opened the gate and entered it. Like a dreamer does without thinking about the consequences, then she started looking for the singer.

Story of a young girl in college, when she heard that song for the first time her very soul froze, as if a dark clammy hand from her past reached out and touched her unleashing stark horror.

More stories in the book!

Sneak Peek is a brand new book with brand new stories, the stories of this book has not been published before. Actually these were written for this book specially, I also decided to include it in Amazon’s pentopublish competition for fun. The stories are my favorite genre of course, spooky and mystery. Hope you will check them out and enjoy them!

Don’t forget to share your views after reading.

I will be waiting!



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