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100 days of farmer protest

Article date: 5.3.2021

Today is the hundredth day of farmer’s protest! After trying to malign their images by BJP hoodlums the farmers are still on the street, under the scorching sun after freezing skies and icy rain. But that means nothing to our supreme leaders. They are too busy with West Bengal that is not even the least interested in them or their much exposed games. They are thumping all over the west Bengal for votes but they don’t have the time to sit down and talk with FARMERS, just to shake their memories the same folks they called ANNADATA [one who feeds] before vote and will again give them that title before next vote, that is quite far away, so now, for some time they can try to force them into submission and turn them into the slaves of industrialists.

Is this why they were elected? Majority of Indian job market is directly or indirectly connected to agriculture, if you harm its root [the farmers] you harm the entire tree. That much is for sure! Why such arrogance and blind ego from our supreme leaders? Why have they not revoked the bills already? Bill they passed without consent of opposition and bill that brought farmers out on the street from all over the country! So they indeed are our supreme leaders, right? They don’t care what public wants or says! They will do what they want to do. Hundreds of farmers have died during the protest caused by the extreme natural adversities or frustration caused by the threat of those bills, just like un-numbered, unsung migrant labourers have died before them but our supreme leaders care not! They serve rich folks poor Indians mean nothing to them. The message is crystal clear.

Otherwise the laws would have been revoked already.

Wake up Indians smell the coffee already!


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