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A mori bangla bhasha- sweet sound of bengali language

It is all about ruling Bengal. Our supreme leaders are visiting Bengal like vultures and their local counterparts too are barking their heads off about glories and glorious sons/daughters of Bengal. Barring too many incidents when their real face is shown whenever the mask is blown away by the torrent coming out of their mouth, like our wannabe supreme leader’s bachansudha [nectar soaked words] like it is non Bengalis who have served Bengal and are serving Bengal more than Bengalis, he most probably is not a Bengali, maybe holding fake identity of Bengali to mingle with the crowds, after all it is always Mirjafar and Trojan horses that bring down mighty empires. Fake identities are quite a common factor of India. Here fake identities sell like bread. Anyone willing to pay can buy one. Anyways, Bengali or not, our wannabe supreme leaders are certainly full of b***** but that b***** sells in India, if it does not they are quite expert in buying opposition party MLAs and MPs before and after vote, so they really don’t bother that much about honesty.

On one hand they are speaking incoherent Bengali, eating lunch in the homes of poor Bengalis and on the other hand they are trying everything to crush the financial and cultural growth of the state. They are stalling the grants and other financial contributions for the state using one excuse or other.

That includes the grants to universities doing research on priceless past of Bengal, its rich heritage. So much so, for love of Bengal and Bengali [language]!

I don’t have any political preference because all I know that they don’t care about public, no matter which party they belong to but there are some that are downright evil, and our wannabe supreme leaders belong to that category.

All I am hoping and praying that their dirty politics and big wallet won’t be able to earn them the throne. Also hoping that when Mamata Banerjee wins she will feel true gratitude for the state that has not lost faith on her and will treat them with the respect and care they damn well deserve! So that she wins fourth time because of love of the people of the state for her and her entire party. She may be the queen of heart of many Bengalis but her followers are not that loved by people, she may start checking out the reasons for that.



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