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Agnishatdal Chaitra 1427, March 2021 critique by SB

Agnishatdal Chaitra 1427 March 2021
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Critique by SB

Agnishatdal Chaitra 1427, March 2021

By your good old editor! Few words about the works of my much cherished authors. So the critiques will be honest, short and sweet!

Bachhar ase- years come by Labanya- beautiful poem about life’s moving forward and our ways of dealing with it.

Surrender by Scott Hastie: Sometimes it is hard but surrendering to life is not a bad idea at all! Makes things much easier!

Of drum-rolls and Indians by saptarchi: Women certainly have succeeded in making everyone believe that only men harm women!

Fogline by Brieuc Martin Onraet 11: These stories really are amazing, Brian’s pen is full of wit and talent. I am so enjoying this story!

The faith mark by Raghunandan Kuppuswamy: Really enjoyed this story, it is fun to read. Well he certainly was blessed in abundance.

The coming of Magna by Troy David Loy: Troy’s science fiction stories are really amazing. I wish I could write such real science fictions.

I see it NOW… by Dom Collucci: Interesting poem. Life’s journey has so many twists, turns and colours!

Bitter Pill dose 40 by Bitter Pill: Press 3: It is sad how so many educated men and women forget their morals and duty towards humanity.

The warrior of light by Brendan: very beautiful and wise. If you know you are in right path everything else falls in place.

The year that never was by Pat Ritters 2: Another interesting piece about rural Australia. I did not know people eat Kangaroos! Human beings most probably eat everything!

I believe that will be it for my critique as an editor, you will have to read the rest in Ezine. Of course there is truckloads of more works there!



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