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Agnijaat Boisakh 1428 April 2021 critique by Labanya

Agnijaat Boisakh 1428 April 2021
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Critique by Labanya

Agnijaat Boisakh 1428 April 2021 critique by Labanya

Agnijaat Boisakh begins with Nabobarsho, New Year 1428 greeting, pretty one. Well, let us hope that things will get better after vaccination. Let us simply pray that things will get better and people won’t starve.

Indie Author Speaks: Reading classics is a very good habit for bookworms and authors alike.

FTQFS: Exactly girls should be good for their own sake. It is good for them too in this world full of deadly predators.

Techbabble: Windows 10 is a nightmare! The last good windows version was windows 7.

India Now: Indian Hypocrisy – Very harsh and very true, every society abuses women but only Indians do it under the disguise of nobility, duty, sacrifice etc. virtues.

SOS: Absolutely true, if you have a muse, pamper it!

Intriguing Tales: Another tale about fake teachers, our sages truly were wise and always warned people about dangers!

History of India: Interesting glimpse into pre Aryan India.

My Pen: of journalists: The way honest journalists are harassed using different methods is a very dangerous trait in India. Indian public should snap out of their selfish bubbles and stand behind these people who are trying to save them!

Fun and Frolic section:

It began with a pretty painting and a lovely photograph, few words about the weather of Chaitra.

Selected Poetry by Scott Hastie: New author, new book, will check it out.

Agnishatdal book 14: A very serious read from Saptarchi, the author that handles the grim side of society mostly.

Pikatron October 2019 critique by Editor: Will have to get the newsletter from Troy or Agni.

X files : Never liked the series.

Indian Raga Now:

Bhishmadev Chatterjee- Really good singer, never heard his name before, what a pity!

SPOTLIGHT ON- Helen Mirren- One of my hot favorite actresses of present time. She is really versatile!

Window to West – Snowden: He deserves nobel! Will watch the movie if I can get my hands on it.

Chaitra Shots: Four lovely shots!

Youtube channel: Already checked them all out.

Storytime: poetry from Patreon: haunting painting and poem.

Yamuna Chhat: Interesting, Indians often don’t celebrate the birthdays of their kids and loved ones but celebrate the birthdays of every river and God!

Theme: Rose- Seven pretty paintings.

The cartoon Mr Stick: Another dose of reality.

In the end quite enjoyed the Ezine, and its colourful sketches/paintings especially they are refreshing and pretty!

That is it I guess! See you again next month, and thank you Agni/Sharmishtha for translating my works!

Yours sincerely,

By the way if you see any other Labanya in Sharmishtha’s social circle that will not be me. I don’t use my pen name [Labanya] in social media, use the real one.



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