Few views for you on India’s current situation

30th September was a black day for India in my eyes. For two ghoulish reasons-

one, a nineteen year old girl working with her mother in field was abducted by four MFBs and was violated and tortured with the ghoulishness that only human beings can inflict on others, we will wait and see if these four so called high-caste MFBs will get their dues as quickly as those four bus helpers and their friends got in notorious Delhi case. Because these MFBs too tortured that child with the same ghoulishness with which the Delhi girl was, the step that everybody’s favorite U.P. police did was beyond words! They burned the girl’s body without allowing her family to be there.

Second is after all the bloodbath and destruction caused by post-babri mosque demolition the same UP government has given clean chit to those who have been caught in the act by TV camera.

One truly wonders if our current government is being paid by someone to absolutely destroy the law and order of this country and prove to the entire world that this country is being run by thugs and ruffians and those who obey the masters will get away with every thing! Including rape, rioting, murder and embezzling lot of public money!

When they came for the darkies, I didn’t say anything
for I was not a darkie.
When they came for the low castes, I didn’t say anything
for I was not a low caste
When they came for the maimed, I didn’t say anything
for I was not maimed
When they came for the women, I didn’t say anything
for I was not a woman
When they came for the minors, I didn’t say anything
for I was not a minor
When they came for the weak, I didn’t say anything
for I was not weak
When they came for me, no one said anything
for there was no one left to speak!



essay Shame on you!
date late 2020-early 2021

When the country is reeling under a pandemic our government is hell bent to show us its dark underbelly. It started with attempts of antagonizing everyone against Muslims, asking everyone to heckle them as much as they can by blaming them for spread of covid19 in India [deliberately] to snatch away their livelihood by one mean of violence or other! Directly and openly instigating people to go against them.

Then there were those daily-wagers who walked for miles, scared hungry and terrified, chased by apathy and covid-19, the government claims it has no record of the no. that died during that time! Great! All because of an extremely immature decision made by central Government and it has not expressed any remorse for the tragedies that followed!

Then came the turn of farmers, the participants of a peaceful rally were beaten up by police in Delhi. This is not the first time and it won’t be the last time, it has happened before and it will happen again till people start thinking about what they are doing to the country! They are turning it into a medieval circus! Then they will know that when covid-19 struck and scared industrialists pulled out of China why did not anyone come to India! The country that is screaming shrilly that it is best destination!

All that India has achieved since 1947 to 2010 is going down the drain so is the reputation of Indians, they are proving to the world that they are bully, thugs and fanatics!

Don’t wake up, after Muslims, daily-wagers and farmers it will be your turn real soon. If you think you are big cheese ask the movie stars of Mumbai who are being heckled to no end!

My readers know I hate talking about politics and politicians but if I don’t talk now I will never forgive myself. Because I DON’T WANT THIS INDIA! I want a country where every religion can live in peace, where dalits are not heckled, where poor are not heckled, where people can speak out their mind as long as they are not ranting or provoking people to kill each other or harm each other [that by the way is allowed these days, people can provoke openly in TV to act like fanatics]. From now on stay prepared to read more posts like this. Because I am not going to stop till I am dead or the neo Hitler and his fascists are out of parliament.

Our farmers our heroes!
essay date late 2020-early 2021

Indian farmers are holding a peaceful agitation against the three rules passed by Indian Government to help its industrialist patrons or blindly favoured sector.

One after another it is passing rules that will strip this country off its forests and natural habitats and turn its poor labourers and farmers into bonded labourer of industrialists.

First they passed a law that allowed anyone to destroy forests and other natural lands without the previous complications.

Next they passed an outrageous law that has almost turned workers into slaves of their employers.

Finally they passed a law and messed up with the wrong guys! The educated farmers of Punjab and Haryana! I was really impressed by their knowledge and awareness level!

Check out these laws and you will know how right the farmers are when they are saying that our current central government is selling the country and us to industrialists, and their favoured industrialists to be precise because they are the only ones thriving in this pandemic age other than the government of course, the money it is spending on election rally is saying so.

The farmers of Punjab were the first to protest and their government which was ally of central government jointed their agitation and withdrew their support, but that was not a hint enough for the government so they left their homes and went to Delhi demanding withdrawal of all three laws that has been passed.

They pointed out clearly why they are absolutely against those laws and wont take anything less than their withdrawal.

I always had a weakness for farmers, seen them from close proximity and respect them quite a bit, but after seeing these agitators and listening to them my respect for them grew in leap and bounds. The things they are saying loudly and clearly are the words echoing in hearts of too many Indians these days but majority are scared to speak out. They on the other hand ignoring the consequences are saying clearly and loudly that the country is being sold to some specific industrialists for personal [huge] gains!

Salutes to Indian farmers! We know you are not Pakistani terrorists or Khalistani terrorists you are just brave men who have the guts to say truth out loud! Also have the guts to demand for your rights! We respect you!

We know that the government that is ignoring your pain and plight and is busy building temples and new parliaments wasting public money, watching laser show when you are perishing, waiting for their revered attention are the ones committing treason not you!

We respect you and our prayers are with you! We request you and your supporters to not end your life! Because people like you are very much needed in world! So please value your own lives for the sake of humanity!

heading back to caves!
Article date: January 2021

Step by step our country is being led back to primitive times, back in the times when men lived in caves and if they fancied a woman they dragged her by hair and forced themselves upon them [gangrape of a child in Hathras, U.P. the perpetrators were helped widely by U.P. Govt.’s police and BJP supporters, trying to nail the girl’s family for her death, calling it all a hoax.].

If any other man dared to look at their women they were clobbered to death or cause serious physical injury. The U.P. govt [where women certainly are not safe, and most probably still live the life of second class citizen in most places] recently legalized an outrageous law [blaming muslims of course, wicked fellows trying to steal Hindu girls in the name of Love Zehad] that makes women’s bodies the properties of their family, their larger family, the state and the police but not theirs! If an adult Hindu girl decides to marry a Muslim man she will have to get approval of cops and her family, if not then her husband, his family will end up in jail. Just as you have guessed the papers are already getting news of minor boys getting jailed because someone in their family married a Hindu girl, or couples getting whipped by cops for marrying out of their religion. So our revered Indian government is making us their property? What about our HUMAN RIGHTS? OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS?

Our Saffron brigades’s beloved U.P. is beyond words, recently a commissioner of Bareily openly told press how uneasy he felt when he realized that 38 men and women in one single city has committed suicide (?) because they had inter-religious marriages. By the way that commissioner was not a wicked Muslim, he was a Hindu Brahmin.

Well what one caveman does the other sure does, so soon the next notorious state where a sixty year woman is not safe, Madhya Pradesh picked up the tune and legalized the law, the third one two joined in Karnataka.

I really hope India will be able to form a decent political party and kick this party out of parliament in the next vote.

Apart from that I sincerely hope and pray that Bengalis wont let this party enter Bengal ever! If they have brain and dignity they wont!

Ruckus on Tractor parade
Essay date: 26.1.21

It is so fishy to begin with! The farmers who have been showing extreme patience and discipline from the very beginning went berserk all of a sudden! That too coincided with sudden hand of friendship offered by Delhi Police after downright hostility from the beginning. Their earnest attempt to stop farmers from reaching Delhi included tear gas, lathicharge, digging up the roads, putting up barriers like stones and concrete slabs suddenly evaporated in freezing winter air and the farmers went berserk!

Well, maybe a portion of real protesters did go berserk or a group of outsiders mingled with the protesters to give them a bad name, that has happened before in Delhi itself during JNU protests, hooligans joined the protesting students and burned down public property. It is nothing new for politicians to infiltrate their just opponents and malign their image. Hopefully we will know what has happened with time, because fortunately Modi Media was not the only media covering the protest.

We have an exemplary government in center right now, a government that is turning its poor laborers and farmers into slaves of corporate houses [or one in particular whose alarming rate of money making has shocked international economists, the country is about to starve and they are making money out of air!]. Our government is letting its farmers freeze in Delhi cold, under open sky for months, making its poorest of poor labourers walking for thousands of miles to reach their homes because of child-play of a man in throne, no one keeps the count of the farmers who have died protesting or the labourers who have lost their lives during that walk home. Modi media is more busy in making fool of public.

Right after the ruckus happened the main instigators were discovered having quite close bond with BJP, one of the main instigators was seen campaigning for BJP in 2019 [Deep Siddhu].

As a “retaliation” stones were pelted at the camps of protesting farmers and their water and electricity connection was revoked temporarily but was later returned.

The only good thing is that it only further motivated farmers to join the protest in larger numbers.

What kind of country is India becoming? Where poor have no right, farmers have to “Fight to make government revoke a farm law they think is bad for them!” Awesome! More than 180 people have died because of this protest but the government cares not! What happened to the “For the people” part of Indian constitution?

“Sell everything to highest bidding corporate houses!” seems the new mantra of Indian rulers.

No matter what happened on Republic day or who did it we still are in support of the just fight of our farmers and will be! Vijayi Bhava! May victory be yours because your fight is just!

Jay Shri Ram Netaji!
Essay date: 26.1.21

Our much revered Prime Minister and his Rambhakta sena paid us a visit on 23rd January to “dishonour” one of Bengal’s favorites, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, the overzealous “bhaktas” were heard shouting Jay Shri Ram from the crowd. I sincerely hope that the Bengalis with brain took a note of that gesture and if they have any blood of freedom fighters, liberal human beings left in their veins they will never allow BJP in Bengal.

It is crystal clear how much respect they have for Netaji and Bengal and what will they do to Bengalis and their idols if they grab the power and devour this state too!

A party that has no decorum, dignity and is ready to do everything for power is not welcome here anymore, we have suffered one for thirty years and are still licking our wounds, reminding ourselves of our true wealth that lies not in China or Russia but in Bengal.

Our current chief minister or her party may have their flaws but they are not fascists, they have brought all religions together, they celebrate every festival Hindu or of other religions openly and they have kept Bengal safe for independent women till date. Here a five year old girl can play outside her home not watched over by her parents, a young woman can go to field and work in peace, an old woman can sleep in her home in peace without being afraid of ruling party backed animal’s attack and murder!

We don’t want to go back in time, drink cow urine or eat cow-dung, we believe women are equals to men and we believe Muslims are our brothers/friends/neighbours, don’t bring your poison to Bengal, stay away from it!

It is not the first time though, they have shown the same cheapness during the birthday celebration of Swami vivekananda too, when their overzealous bhakts washed a statue of Swamiji with water of Ganges because the local ruling party has offered their puja to that statue. How lower can a party sink!

Forget about calling out a dead celebrity [Jahar Ganguly- one of the icons of Bengali movie who passed away in 1968 or so] at his home and causing pain or shock to his family members!
No sane Bengali wants you keep your vanarsena, cow dung, cow pee and politics of hatred away from us!


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    1. we have made religion bad, same with caste system, hope God will give us decent brains! That will solve all problems with religion and its subsidiaries! You blog? what is your blog url?

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