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Agnijaat Shraban 1428 July 2021 critique by Labanya

Agnijaat Shraban 1428 July 2021
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Critique by Labanya

Agnijaat Shraban 1428 July 2021 critique by Labanya

Agnijaat Shraban begins with a beautiful sketch Goddess Durga and her children.

Agnijaat has gone a complete makeover from July 2021. It is now distributed in three primary sections, stories, poetry and essays. There are the usual delightful illustrations too.


Walk back home: An article about the plight of migrant labourers during lockdown last year. It was a horrible shame.
Mortal Gods: An article about common psychology of Indians, worshipping everyone including politicians, now, the difference between worshipping a movie star and a politician is a politician can destroy a country.
All is well: Very true, Indian politicians are such a lucky breed! They are not questioned about their performance by public, even after failure of decades.
Witch-hunt: An amazing essay about how cunning people hide half truth and share the part that will manipulate readers to their advantage.
Farmer protest and the bills: This protest has shown how cheap our central government is. They have time for everything but to speak with their own farmers. How low a party can fall and get away with that! Welcome to India!
Happiness skill 62 Source of joy: Very good suggestion.
FTQFS: A woman’s body: Very true. A woman’s body is hers, and only hers.

POETRY section:

cute pic for the section, another cute hedgehog!

After that there were ten poems and ten fantastic drawings of daisy. Loved all the drawings! The first poem was one of the favorites. Childhood fears are truly fantastical!

After that there were four fantastic photos.


A set of stories from Black Mist and other stories:

Ten fantastic stories about things that go bumping in the night but of different types, loved them all.

After that there were critiques of previous month’s Ezines and Patreon books, some by me of course, some by SB.

The cartoon Mr Stick: Another dose of reality!

In the end quite enjoyed the Ezine, and its colourful sketches/paintings especially they are refreshing and pretty!

That is it I guess! See you again next month, and thank you Agni/Sharmishtha for translating my works!

Yours sincerely,

By the way if you see any other Labanya in Sharmishtha’s social circle that will not be me. I don’t use my pen name [Labanya] in social media, use the real one.