Ed Frey author of BITTER HONEY

Q: Why do you love to write?

A: I love the process of creating characters and trying the give them life on paper. That my sound corny, but it’s the reason why I love writing. I try getting on paper what is in my head, which is sometimes difficult, but that’s the art of writing: the attempt to express yourself clearly.

Q: What is your process for writing?

A: I write everyday; it’s something you must do. The myth that you can wait for inspiration is just that–a myth. Writing is a skill that takes constant practice to hone, and even then, you’ll probably never fully master it. Writing everyday whether you want to or not is the key to successful writing.

Q: What are the challenges of getting published?

A: It’s very difficult to get published, especially in today’s publishing climate. Publishers don’t like taking chances on unknown authors, so they stick with the ones who’ve been successful in the past, which leads to many of the same books being published. However, today’s authors do have other options, with Amazon E-Books being an excellent place to start. Most self-published books don’t sell many copies, but you can’t let that discourage you. Publish the book any way you can, and then keep promoting it. No one ever said writing was an easy field, but it wouldn’t be fun if it were easy.(But it would be nice–just kidding)

Q: How do you maintain hope in such a difficult field where success is few and far between?

A: If you love writing and it’s a dream, then you’ll forge on because dreams are what make living exciting. Keep writing regardless of what people tell you. The only time that is wasted on writing is the time you spend thinking about it, but not actually doing it.

Q: What is the name of your book, and what is it about?

A: It’s called “Bitter Honey” by Drayton Brookings. It’s thriller with a psychological edge. It’s available at Amazon E-Books



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