Kindle, paypal, patreon, gumroad and shoptly PAGES/PROFILES

First the blog that will showcase the works in shoptly, Gumroad, paypal and Patreon:

Agnijashatadalama and daintypetals:

email ids: and

Next the spots from where you can (indirectly) buy my works:


You will have to become my patrons there and in return I will give you my creations, you will get the full picture after visiting the site. You wont have to pay to become a member, if you want to become a patron then only you will pay.


Some of patreon’s books but mostly new ones will come up in shoptly from time to time, you can directly buy them from there.


If for some reason or another you cant buy from shoptly or patreon then you can pay me via paypal and send me the list of the books I will send you the pdf files.

If you want to buy my works or hire me, then too you can pay via paypal.


Gumroad works like Shoptly, the only advantage is you can buy using your credit card.


Kindle is the oldest of the lot and you most probably all know how to buy books from kindle or read them for free there!


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