Welcome to Author Sharmishtha Basu’s Little World

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We write because we want to, there is something inside us that urges us to pick up pen, brush or something else to express our inner expressions.

I too write for that purpose, mainly. Apart from that like every artist I want to make my living through my works, that works as a great inspiration, some evil specters made my dream of becoming a normal career woman impossible but to their misery I discovered a brand new world in blogging, it made me a writer and painter, I love to illustrate my works myself, the entire credit goes to my friends who endlessly encouraged me to write and paint.

The final outlet for my hyperactive muse were my twin ezines, that came to life on 17th July 2016, they are published every month, shared as pdf files to those interested to read them and leave their views on the blogs-

and their first quarterlies are up in Amazon for those who want to buy them-



and I am quite keen to write guest posts for blogs/magazines/sites, if you like my works check out the page


If you want to check out my works go to my gallery of own works, books:

If you want to make them really happy by buying a few go to amazon:

If you want to write an email-

my facebook page is:

my linkedin page is:

Goodreads page:

completelynovel page:

you will get even more nitty gritty details here:




10 thoughts on “Welcome to Author Sharmishtha Basu’s Little World

  1. Hello dear Trisha. There used to be a joke that said “Women do not burp, snore, or fart. Therefore we must bitch — or we’ll explode.” Being brought up in a place that had conditioned me to think I shouldn’t do any of those things, many a time i feared exploding! LOL. πŸ˜€ Now I think writing is the same as that old joke. We have to write, to let out what’s inside, else we’ll explode. Mega hugs my friend. ❀ πŸ™‚

    • believe me or not, when I was in my thirties I filled up a questionnaire for fun “How bitchy you are” and it said I don’t exist because I scored really low. I have changed a lot but I wonder I may call myself a dragon or lioness once in a while but bitchiness is not in my nature I guess, it does not fits with my nature, to be bitchy you have to have inferiority complex, very serious amount of it and I doubt if I have that!

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