Sonica the queen of mutant vampires


Sonica Chemarin.

Quite a musical name… is not it? If only you knew the story of the person.

If you meet her on the street you wont even notice her, chances are high, a short heighted woman, somewhere near five feet, average looks and complexion, leaning toward fat.

But her dress sense was quite unique, not in the flashy way, but one could see that she has spent lot of money on that. They may not compliment her always but as dresses they were beautiful!

That was her during day hours… her eyes, and her car’s glass was always tinted. Both the latest models, the hottest craze in the country.

Those glasses came down after dusk.

It was time for her hunt now.

Gone were the sunglasses and the black glass of her car windows… mascara heavy eyes looked out at lucrative passerbys promising heaven.

If she could not get one herself she had a batallion of prettiest boys and girls to work for her.

They lured the preys.

She picked up her choice.

Saying no to her was impossible, one bite from her or her boys and girls was enough to turn the mightiest person into their slave.


She was called Soni by everyone who knew her.

Soni darling by the members of her clan.

Yes, clan. They were a group of vampires.

That is why she was irresistible to her preys.

You see, vampires can stir the hormones in their preys, hormones that make them fall for their mates, stir them to extreme.

If you are not a prey you will see a ghostly white woman with sunk eyes, skeletal body, too sharp canines.

Her prey will see a zero sized super model. Wont even notice how anorexic she looks.

Every creature is blessed with skills to capture their preys. Why will the vampires be deprived?

Sonica, dont go by her looks, she is five hundred years old.

She still remember her parents.

They were sweepers of the royal court.

One night she heard them whispering, her mother was more keen than her father.

“It is a lot of money.” she heard her saying. “It will give us a life worth living, we will leave this place and settle elsewhere.”

Next morning to her utter surprise her father gave her a new dress.

She was so happy.

“Come!” he held her tiny hand in his hands and took her to the palace.

She clinged tightly to his hand as he lead her down the stairs of the dungeon.

There was a small room at the end of the dungeon.

“Wait here, I will be back soon.” he asked her to sit on the cot and went out, bolted the door from the outside and left.

She banged on the door till her tiny hands became sore.

Then day turned into the night and the door opened.

It was not her father.

It was a skinny old man with sunk eyes, that were glowing like coal from that pit. He entered and closed the room.

“You are just a child.” the man said, he licked his lips like a dog.

“Where is my father?” she asked.

“He is gone.” he answered. “The question is will you survive after I am done with you?”

His eyes all of a sudden started to expand, till they filled up the whole room and her mind.

She still remembers those eyes.


She woke up at dawn.

She felt feverish, so feverish that she felt disoriented. As if she and her body were separate now, no longer attached.

The door opened and a woman walked in.

“Come with me!” she ordered and took her to a room in the castle. There another group of women were waiting for her. They cleaned her up and dressed her in an expensive dress.

Then the lunch was served.

In her entire life, well that may not have been too many years but in her entire life she has not seen such delicacies.

She had her fill.

Her neck was hurting really bad, she tried to understand but could not. There was no mirror in the room to check it out.

“Why is my neck hurting?” she asked the woman who brought her here.

The woman did not answered, went out and bolted the door from outside. She started to feel real drowsy and went to bed. It was so soft.

Late at night she thought that she saw that old man sitting on her bed. But could not snap out of her drowsiness.

Soon she noticed that she was becoming allergic to sunlight, it burnt like fire whenever she stood at the window to look outside.

She could see that she was on the top of a tall tower, she has seen these towers, they were on four corners of the main palace.

She remembered seeing these women coming in and out of them when she tottered around with her father.

Soon her entire personality changed and so did her menu.

She started to crave for blood, and her menu was slowly changed from human food to raw meat, finally live animals were shoved in from the door, the women no longer entered the room.


Days came and passed. The only visitor to her tower room was the king, he brought her food now.

Slowly he was dragging her down to hell, hardening her heart down to the ice cold place where his own was.

She was growing up, she realized one thing, to get out of the tower she will have to make the king believe that she loved him and was obedient to him.

She started working on that.

The king started to take her out with him.

Then a few years passed by.

Now they went their own ways for hunt but every night she had to return to the tower.

She could not kill the king, killing him meant her death, that is how it was in the world of vampires, if you kill the vampire who has made you one, or someone else kills him or her you and others turned by him follow his or destiny.

So they had to be quite protective of their masters. That is what they called them.

She started looking for her family. They were not in this kingdom. She started looking for breadcrumb trails that may lead her to them. But it was hard.

Had they been rich or famous someone might have been interested in keeping track, who cares about the family of a sweeper in rags?

Then destiny brought them to her.


Now, before you proceed further.

The vampires too differ from one area to another. The vampires of India are different from those of Europe or Africa.

Mexican Chupacabaras are a little like vampires, are not they? Their victims are drained of blood, but anyone who has claimed to see one never says they look like bats, they say they look like animals, dogs.

The king who infected Sonica was a genius, he has been experimenting with the powers of vampires for thousands of years. Yeah, he claimed that he came to India with the first Aryan settlers and helped them in conquering, vanquishing the locals.

He unwillingly passed on some of his powers to those who he infected.

So Sonica too got a special power other than hypnotizing of course. She could split herself into multiple forms at the same time and they, though amply weaker than her total self could act independently. While her body, in some safe place could see what they were seeing and hear what they were hearing, like a monitor screen split in different windows, performing different tasks.

She used this power to keep an eye on all those who were close to her parents.

Then one night she heard the news she has been waiting for, for years.

They were coming to the village.

To get her elder sister married.

She started waiting for them impatiently.

During her nocturnal surveillance she could see that a small house that they have bought was being cleaned up.

They planned to pay regular visits.

Her father has told every body that he has found luck in foreign lands.


The bullock cart pulled in after a long wait.

She could see her father, who could barely manage two square meals per day was able to buy a bullock cart for himself. Maybe not a chariot with Arabian Stallions but a bullock cart was not that bad either.

Then one by one the family members came down.

Her elder sister was really beautiful. She was an year older than Sonica, that meant she will be eighteen, a bit late for upper castes but in lower castes sometimes it happened because of dowry. No one made a big fuss about it like the upper-caste people, where they had to marry off their daughters at tender age, before puberty, or else the entire family became social outcast. So they married their daughters off to anyone available, as long as the caste system was maintained. Even a dying person did the service. She has seen girls being dragged to get married off to a man on his deathbed, the family got a free servant thereafter, who wont be able to run away even after being torture, abuse.

They were far better off, they could remarry.

She watched from a nearby tree, swinging her legs, as her sisters helped her mother cleaning up, tidying the house. Her baby sister ten years old, a chatterbox.

She watched them all evening, till they fell asleep.

She craved to see a few drops of tears in her mother’s eyes, or father’s for her but saw none.

They seemed quite happy with their new life.

She returned home when the stars started to fade.

The king was working on some fake skin that will allow them to go out in sunlight for brief minutes without getting reduced to ashes.

“Bring me some naive vampires I can experiment upon.” He has instructed the older ones, his favorite ones.

She has seen him tricking some of the vampires using that skin and getting roasted within a minute or two.

Then others became shrewd.

There were no more volunteers for him.


She has forced her way to become one of his favorites. Not that he really wanted her to be, but because she made him.

Every creature is cursed with a weakness. Some are very easy to put your hands on, others not so.

Since the day she earned her freedom from the tower she started studying the king like a vulture.

Soon she discovered his weakness.

He had a kid. A human kid.

By some freak joke of life or God that undead fell in love with a very beautiful woman, she gave birth to a child, if he had any vampire straits in him they were totally dominant.

He was a human before she discovered him.

The king, of-course never gave him a hint about his relationship with him. He kept the young man under surveillance in total stealth.

But, when a young man falls in love he accomplishes impossible, sometimes…

He fooled his guards and landed in the arms of his doom. One night was enough.

She knew that the king wont let his son die. He will do anything to keep him around.

That worked as Sonica’s insurance, because her death meant his son’s death.

The king was quite obedient to her, but being a shrewd woman she did not pushed her luck too far, never. She knew she will be more benefitted from his allegiance than his suppressed hatred.


It seemed her parents have totally moved on.

She watched her mother teaching her elder sister the things she will have to do and should do after marriage. She saw her groom too, a handsome young man. Something burned inside her heart. She despised the glow of happiness on her sister’s face.

She too had full rights to have these, a husband, a family, a kid.

She went there, sat outside watching how the family enjoyed their everyday life, how they were busy decorating the house for the marriage.

Then the D Day came, the family of the bridegroom arrived and rented a small house near them, they too were outsiders, came here for marriage.

The glowing face of her sister made her dead heart burn with hatred.

Late at night she entered her home and poisoned her sister, naah… did not killed her, changed her into an undead.

Initially she complained and wept but then the thirst for blood woke up and she unwillingly killed wiped out her family, but Soni who was watching from a distance showed up to save their kid sister.

Sometimes when new vampires feed they go to far, Sonica had the king to train her, her sister Anu had none.

Once the damage was done Sonica offered her shoulder to cry and after that she pretended to become her guide and mentor.

A heart full of hatred and amazing acting skills were her greatest advantages. Poor Anu fell head first in that maw of hell.



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