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Shame on you!

When the country is reeling under a pandemic our government is hell bent to show us its dark underbelly. It started with attempts of antagonizing everyone against Muslims, asking everyone to heckle them as much as they can by blaming them for spread of covid19 in India [deliberately] to snatch away their livelihood by one mean of violence or other! Directly and openly instigating people to go against them.

Then there were those daily-wagers who walked for miles, scared hungry and terrified, chased by apathy and covid-19, the government claims it has no record of the no. that died during that time! Great! All because of an extremely immature decision made by central Government and it has not expressed any remorse for the tragedies that followed!

Then came the turn of farmers, the participants of a peaceful rally were beaten up by police in Delhi. This is not the first time and it won’t be the last time, it has happened before and it will happen again till people start thinking about what they are doing to the country! They are turning it into a medieval circus! Then they will know that when covid-19 struck and scared industrialists pulled out of China why did not anyone come to India! The country that is screaming shrilly that it is best destination!

All that India has achieved since 1947 to 2010 is going down the drain so is the reputation of Indians, they are proving to the world that they are bully, thugs and fanatics!

Don’t wake up, after Muslims, daily-wagers and farmers it will be your turn real soon. If you think you are big cheese ask the movie stars of Mumbai who are being heckled to no end!

My readers know I hate talking about politics and politicians but if I don’t talk now I will never forgive myself. Because I DON’T WANT THIS INDIA! I want a country where every religion can live in peace, where dalits are not heckled, where poor are not heckled, where people can speak out their mind as long as they are not ranting or provoking people to kill each other or harm each other [that by the way is allowed these days, people can provoke openly in TV to act like fanatics]. From now on stay prepared to read more posts like this. Because I am not going to stop till I am dead or the neo Hitler and his fascists are out of parliament.