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A little gift on new year 2022

Happy New Year 2022 my dear friends! The year started real good here, hope it was good at your end too!

As a parting gift of 2021 some angel bought one of my works in Red Bubble

and paid a hefty amount of money for one of my Mother Goddess Kali images, the front facing one to be precise and gave me immense happiness.

A little gift for all of you hoping you will like these, and maybe, you know just maybe, some enthusiast patron will enjoy them so much that s/he will join my only patron there, one is better than nothing but still it is a very lonely no. and hurts the author/artist ego so much! LOL

Here are they:

Please share your views, let me know what do you think of them, BTW Agnijaat and Agnishatdal are no longer available in Patreon, they are to be bought from Shoptly and Gumroad only.

The project for which I took this long break from blogs was crushed in November LOL, so to soothe my bruised ego I pounced on YT and was absolutely blessed with a group of amazing YouTubers, we have built a nice nook there, you are most welcome to join us there!

Have a blessed 2022.

Click to access agnijaat-magh-1428-jan-2022.pdf

Click to access agnilipi-january-2022.pdf

Click to access agnimalya-jan-2022.pdf

Click to access agnipat-january-2022.pdf

Click to access agnishatdal-magh-1428-january-2021.pdf

Click to access coming-kingdom-january-2022.pdf

Click to access sbpnb-jan-2022.pdf